Frequently asked Questions

I have been getting alot of emails asking me some crazy shiznick shit!!

here are some of the questions:

Q1. Did you really work at aconvient store?

Ans. I had worked at the convient store for about ten years. My family owns one

and I did not want to do that the rest of my life!! With no education or schooling
and from all the women I met at the convient store. My friend suggested me to
do amatuer Porn and so here i am!!
Q2. Are the women models or professional actors
Ans. Hell No... These are regular women I met at the club or from the neighborhood

where I live at, which is worst then the's like living back in my third-world

Q3. Is the Trial Pass give me access to everything?
Ans. Yes, just go access to my members area and have unlimited access and all the privledges as any other monthly paying member.
Q4. Can I download all the movies?
Yes, you can download all the movies.
Q5.Can I cancel anytime?  
  Ans. Yes, you can cancel anytime. just go to my Join Page or the Memebers Area and there will be a Cancel Membership Button!!
  Q6. Is your site really an "amatuer" Porn site?
  Ans. Yes, unlike many other so-called Amatuer sites, I do all the Producing, editing, & most of the Fucking on my site and I met all the women on my own!!